Giving good assumptions and not being too skeptical on others. 
These things have been crucial in our life since people nowadays loved to judge the others, as they have a kind of mind set where they thought that one with pious-looking is perfect and won't do any mistakes, won't do any sins. One with mischievous-looking or even the so-so-looking is the one who to be blamed for all even when they doing nothing.

It's way more easier to say this than to practice it yourself. I knew. Even we tried not to think bad of somebody, eventually it will come before we realise that we have being skeptical. Because of what? Because the first impression thing have been prioritized in our society. 

The time is too short for people to go through each one of them, to know inside and outside of them for not giving any bad assumptions. They just have seconds to take a look, and their mind will automatically reached the conclusion about others. Hence, it will be more likely to the bad thoughts.

People said, "Don't judge a book by it's cover.". It's true, I can't agree more. But not for this situation. Me myself will attracted to the book with certain covers. I just won't read any books with bad covers.

All these things are back to every each and one of us. We're responsible on it.

Giving good impression to others to start with. Stop cursing people with your words. Stop wearing any of your little sisters/brothers' clothes. Stop loafing around. Stop showing you violence. Stop showing your bad side. Just stop. 

You asked for the good, be a good one yourself first.

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