Of Two Haram

Labbaika la syarikalaka labbaik
Innalhamdah wanni’matah
Laka walmulk la syarikalak

Alhamdulillah for the second time being given such an opportunity to carry out umrah and ziarah alharamain in my 21 years. The second time with a brand new experience, won’t forget every moment spent there even the smallest bit of everything. The next time I come I should have already prepared to talk about many things with my family insyaAllahh. 

So many things happened, so many things been observed, so many thing to be spoken and shared with people. 

I’m thinking of making a series of entry in this empty blog, a short series of sharing moment about my trip. Won’t be fully english though because it’s all about the Arabs. 

Stay tuned!

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